David and Lucinda Williams

David and Lucinda Williams

David and Lucinda Williams are two of our amazing board members! We are grateful for their help and input on many important decisions we have to make at New Creation.David and Lucinda have helped many businesses and ministries succeed, have started their own business, and have been missionaries in Turkey. Here David shares something about God’s healing power.

I believe in God’s healing and have asked on several occasions for Him to intervene on what I would call minor things and he was gracious to bring healing on those occasions.
A more dramatic healing involved my mother. When I was living overseas and was home for a visit I saw my mother who was in her early 80’s at the time. I noticed her eyes were starting to cloud with cataracts. I came back about a year later on another home visit and noticed my mother’s eyes were clear. I said, “you had surgery for your cataracts”. She said, “no I asked the Lord to heal me from them and He did so. I also asked Him to heal me from my allergies and He also healed me from those”. Wow, what a loving God we serve!

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