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God is the architect of our story! New Creation Healing Center was not the idea of Mark Pearson or Mary Pearson. He called us, and we came.
The prologue to John starts out by saying in the beginning was the Word and the word was with God and the word was God. That’s the beginning of the story for all who are born again, all who received the new life that is in Christ.
I have asked the New Creation team; staff, volunteers, and board members to share their stories of how they came to know the love of God. Because it is the love of God that compels us to work long hours, to volunteer our time, and to seek health and wholeness for all who come here. as usual, Genie was the first to respond; here’s her story.
Margaret Belletete (who likes to be called Genie) is an artist, woodworker, and retired chemist. She helps us at New Creation in many ways, adding beauty with her artwork to the meeting house, and New Creation, literature, by teaching at mid-week services, helping in the Giving Garden, setting up the altar, and doing the laundry for the medical and massage therapy services at New Creation! I’ve asked her to share her testimony with us.
As a child I was close to God. When I went to college I became an atheist. When in my late 20’s I began commuting to my job at Gillette in Boston. One day I was searching
for something to listen to on the radio in my car. I turned to a new station and a man with a mellow voice was speaking about the Bible. I began to listen to him every day.
His name is Dr. Charles Swindoll and I found the Lord through his preaching. I became a Christian in my car in the Gillette parking lot.
Genie Belletete
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