Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams is one of the New Creation board members. She is an amazing woman, with a kind and generous spirit and has served God in many ways, including missions work in Turkey, helping many small businesses and ministries get on solid ground with her wise advice on finances, and many other aspects of ministry. She has helped us in many practical ways, including supporting us in an attempt to provide mental health support during the pandemic. Her testimony is below

I experienced a stable childhood with good parents who modeled morality and a respect for god, but with no understanding of the exclusivity of CHRIST being the only way for salvation from this broken world. Thus, I went to university with the question every thinking person asks, “Why do I exist? What is my purpose?” My junior year I took a “Religions in Modern Culture” course and realized that each religion taught their version of TRUTH. I confronted the reality that truth, by nature is exclusive; if truth exists, everything else must be false. One evening after being with a group of Christians who were very winsome in their welcome and joy and confidence in a life of faith in Christ, I prayed, “God, if you exist, I’m interested.” In the 50 plus years that have followed I have come to understand and embrace the exclusive truth taught in the Bible, and have increasingly experienced God’s power and strength and love.

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