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NH Healthy Lives
This is a breast and cervical cancer program that provides FREE mammograms, pap tests and other screening and diagnostic services for those who qualify. For a list of locations click HERE. For more information call 603-271-4931.

Good Rx
*Use this program for discounts of up to 80% on most prescription drugs at over 70,000 U.S. pharmacies.
*Get discounts for every member of your family, including pets!
*No expiration. No fees or obligations. No credit card required.
*GoodRx is not insurance. Savings based on pharmacy retail price.
Visit www.goodrx.com for more information or download the app.

Have insurance but can't afford your medications?

Check with your prescription insurance to see if they give a discount for using their mail order pharmacy. Often you can save 1 or 2 co-pays by getting a 90 day supply mailed to you.

You can also check with your pharmacy to see if they have medications you can get for a discount and then check with your medical provider to see if you can swap any of your medications for ones on your pharmacy's list.

Hannaford has a list of competive prices for many generic medications. A 30 day supply ranges from $5 to $15 and a 90 day supply ranges from $10 to $45.

Rite Aid Rx Savings Program offers 15% or more off brand name drugs, select generics a 30 day supply for $9.99 and a 90 day supply for $15.99, select generic oral contraceptives for $19.99, a 50-count of Rite Aid TRUEtest diabetic test strips for $29.99 and more.

Walmart has a medications starting at $4 to $9 for a 30 day supply and $10 to $24 for a 90 day supply.

Walgreens has a Prescription Savings Club which you can join for $20 a year and a 90 day supply of many medications is $10 to $20.

Community Caregivers of Greater Derry - Loaner's Closet -

The Loaner’s Closet was started in 2003 when they saw the need, among the low-income elderly and disabled individuals they serve, for common medical items that they could not afford or were not readily available to them. And because they work with the elderly and disabled, they were often offered used medical equipment by former clients and their families when that equipment was no longer needed. The Closet, which started as a small collection in their back office, now takes up nearly a 1/3 of their 4,100 square foot lease complete with a waiting room, resource center, two showrooms, a cleaning room, workshop, overstock room and office space. They currently have nearly 14,000 pieces of equipment available or out on loan. So if you are in need of medical equipment that you would like to borrow until you can get one of your own or because you may only need it for a short time check out what they have to offer. https://comcaregivers.org/loaners-closet/

Direct Primary Care

What is direct primary care? Direct Primary Care or DPC, is a subscription based approach to family practice. The traditional model of family practice is this: once a year you have a physical - you pay for that visit (or your insurance pays). When you get sick or need a follow up visit for a chronic problem (like diabetes or high blood pressure) you go to the doctor and pay for the visit (or your insurance pays).

In the DPC model, the patient pays a monthly fee (like a gym membership). You get your annual physical (which is covered by your membership) and you go to the doctor as often as you and the doctor think you need to be seen.

The advantage of this model is that both patient and doctor know what their costs or income will be. The insurance company is not the middleman. It cuts down on excessive administrative costs. It can be cost effective model for small businesses when used in conjunction with an HSA, PPO or catastrophic health care package.

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Please go to https://www.rxnt.com/phr to gain access to your personal health record. You will need to enter your name, date of birth and a custom pin number to register. If you do not have a custom pin number you will need to request one from the office.


What you need to know: The Truth, The Lies & Increasing Concerns - Read more about this VERY IMPORTANT topic from Boston Childerens Hospital by clicking HERE.

Vaping, Teens & Pregnancy

Vaping has become increasingly popular among teenagers, often viewed as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. However, this perception is misguided, and vaping poses several health risks, particularly to young people. - Read more about this VERY IMPORTANT topic from Boston Childerens Hospital by clicking HERE.


There are many types of ticks and diseases that can be carried by them. Know the basics about ticks, how to help prevent tick bites, how to remove them and what to watch for after a bite. www.cdc.gov/ticks

Weight Loss

We often have to suggest that patients lose weight. We have found that the more prepared you can be the better your chances are.

Here are some resources we have found helpful:

Calorie King - Dr. Pearson likes this site when you don't know the nutrition information of something you are about to eat or just ate. Look it up and take the guess work out of it!

Another great resource for calorie tracking is: myfitnesspal.com. They have a free calorie tracker, and you can also track other nutrients as well. They also offer other services as well which you may have to pay for.

Saving Money in Medicine: Resources

Lab costs:

If you have good insurance : Check with your insurance to see if they have a preferred lab. You may save hundreds of dollars this way.
If you have a high deductible plan or no insurance
Ask your doctor or healthcare provider what labs they want
Go online. You have to pay cash in advance but the prices are MUCH LOWER (they don’t have to chase you for payment, or deal with insurance so they can offer lower price) make sure your doctor gets a copy of the results


If you have insurance: Check with you insurance to see which facility is preferred and what your portion of the bill will be
If you want to pay cash (if you don’t have insurance or have a high deductible) and don’t mind driving : radiologyassist.com
If you want to pay cash and do mind driving: call around, Derry imaging is usually the best choice

Durable Goods:

Everyone :Wheelchairs, walkers, canes,hospital beds
Salem Senior Center (603) 890-2190, townofsalemnh.org/senior-services-division/pages/medical-equipment-loaner-program
Hearing aides and eyeglasses

Various resources

If you are on Medicare there is a comparison tool you can use to choose your plan D (the plan for purchaing your medications)

If you want to look at all your options for free medications you can use:
Drug Company Coupons: For Insured patients on expensive medications, not available to Medicare or Medicaid patients.
Switching to a generic drug may be better and cheaper
Advocacy Groups: provide help for people with certain problems
Chronic diseaseshttps://www.mygooddays.org/
Free Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings in New Hampshire
Women 21-64 with limited or no health insurance may qualify. Income must be at or below 250% of the federal poverty level. Call the New Hampshire Healthy Lives Breast and Cervical Cancer Program at (603) 271-4931 for details
NHTI's Dental Hygiene Clinic - 3 College Drive Concord NH - 603-230-4023

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