Congratulations to our volunteer and pre-medical student, Antuan Tran!

Antuan has been accepted into the Mayo Clinic Alix Medical School. He will be starting this July. Our loss will be the gain of the medical community, and those who will receive his care in the future.

I asked Antuan to write a summary of his time with us, he spent over two years volunteering with us, much of it during the pandemic, with many people are afraid to volunteer in any medical facility. His kind comments are below.:

Since my decision to switch career paths from tech to medicine, volunteering at NCHC for the past two years has been one of my most educational and fulfilling experiences. Dr. Pearson established an exceptionally high bar for compassionate and effective care, as I observed her listen to each patient thoroughly, skillfully perform examinations, make well-reasoned diagnoses, and clearly communicate treatment plans. Her genuine commitment to patients runs deep. In the time I had with patients before Dr. Pearson arrived, countless have expressed their respect, trust, and admiration for her as a person and as a doctor, many citing the many years they had been with the practice. Likewise, all of the staff at NCHC have been exceptionally kind, welcoming, and caring for me as a person and as a trainee, patiently teaching me the proper protocols of the different procedures and lab tests that are performed in the clinic and allowing me to try them out myself.

I was able to learn and participate in much more than I had anticipated, particularly because Dr. Pearson and the rest of the staff both set high expectations and gave me all the necessary guidance to meet those expectations. All of my curiosities were satisfied and my questions answered, with positive and enthusiastic support for all of my baby steps in the field of medicine. These years have shaped my perspective of the practice of medicine and have given me a wide breadth of knowledge in all of the visible and less visible aspects of being a doctor and caring for patients. I feel well-prepared to bring these lessons to medical school and beyond.

I am thankful for Dr. Pearson, the wonderful staff, and the kind patients that have made my time at NCHC truly special and unforgettable.

We love our students at New Creation Healing Center, and we are grateful to Antuan for all that he has done, and excited for the wonderful opportunities that lie before him.

Thank you, Antuan!

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